About Us


Finally, ruggedly handsome, hand made leather gear that reflects the time honored traditions of fly fishing. Boatloads of items are crossing the Pacific that are just good enough. I know; I’ve used them—they don’t last. So, I’ve taken the toughest, finest leather and crafted great products that you’ll love and your friends will envy!

Tough as Rocks 

Fashioned with tough as rocks, full grain leather, our gear offers a lifetime of enduring craftsmanship that protects your valuable fly fishing gear. Unlike anything else, our leather builds character with time so that it doesn’t look like it’s fresh off the boat 10,000 fish later. It becomes the tale of your lifetime adventures. Moreover, it provides a treasure and gift for the next generation. At Backcast Outfitters, it is not enough to have the “cool” factor in our gear …we are creating the “WOW” factor. The bragging rights are yours!

Great Pride

We take great pride in hand selecting every hide. Each piece is handmade. Then it’s stitched with the toughest military grade parachute thread—tested like a steelhead down in whitewater. Get this—every stitch is individually inspected. Nothing gets past our Chief Excellence Officer. And it comes with our shameless ’til the cows come home’ warranty.


Our commitment to you is to pass on a legacy through our gear that runs deeply in the sport of fly fishing. Like you, we love the outdoors, are addicted to fly fishing, and have incredible memories with friends and family. We support our fragile fisheries, habitat enhancement, and the promotion of fly fishing. Like yours, it’s our way of life.


Our goal at Backcast Outfitters is to apply this philosophy and passion not only to the sport of fly fishing, but to those we outfit.

Eric F. Rice

Eric F. Rice,

Backcast Outfitters