There are plenty of pretty good items coming over on boats by the thousands. Some products are made in the USA. Others are made in places like Mumbai, Shanghai, Mpumalanga and Bangkok. Either way, I know you want products that are going to last longer than you will, products that you’ll always love and your friends will want.

I don’t paint fancy fish pictures on leather, burn holes in it or make shiny cases that you’d never take from your library – just simple, functional, solid, great looking products that’ll make you proud!

Our full grain (not top grain) leather products are handmade and so ruggedly handsome that I’m convinced you won’t find anything like it elsewhere. I’m so confident, that I’m listing some of our friendly competitors. So, do some shopping. Check the designs, quality of hides, the stitching, on the water functionality and prices. Please don’t misunderstand me. Most of these companies are our “friendly” competitors. We’re just different. Like it used to be, only better! (Hit the “Back” button on your browser until you end up right back here.)

Then get the very best.

Now that you’ve seen the others, take another look at our products.