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“Christmas was very good to me. I wanted to share this amazing company that creates some very high end fly fishing products at great prices!

BACKCAST OUTFITTERS ROCKS! Check them out!!!  These should last me for the years to come.”

Rebekka Redd (Ontario, Canada – The New Fly Fisher TV Show Host)

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“Hi Eric, The quality of the work that you do with leather is by far the best I have ever seen. Your designs show your passion for working with leather and the finish work is simply the very best! I look forward to using your products. Good Fishing, Jim Teeny

Jim (Gresham, Oregon)

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“Hey, Eric.  Man I love my new leader wallet.  It’s perfect for organizing my leaders and now I just grab and go. 

The craftsmanship is really fine.  As you know, I tie exhibition quality flies and expect perfection.  My new Backcast Outfitters wallet exceeds all my expectations.  I’ll be showing it to all my friends and hope it doesn’t disappear.   Keep up the great work!” 
Charlie (Moses Lake, Washington)

“Eric, I wanted to send you a quick thanks for designing such a beautiful wallet. As you can see in the image, the color only becomes more attractive with daily use. The corners are a deep caramel color and the surface of the leather has a warm and shiny patina from riding in my front pocket everyday. I have taken this wallet with me to a dozen states and three continents. Suffice to say that I never leave home without it. I can’t wait to see how it looks in another six months, six years and six decades! I’m a HUGE fan.”

Doug – (Royal Oak, Michigan)


“My wife surprised me with the Backcast Outfitters Trico Wallet, and I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship of construction and quality of leather. This wallet is the perfect size for the outdoorsman for reducing bulk in your vest, tackle box, or hunting pack. Shipping was very fast, and it is obvious that this product what developed by a sportsman. If you’re wanting to downsize your “Costanza” size wallet for outdoor activities, look no further. You will not be disappointed!!”

– Jeremy (Noblesville, Indiana) 




“As I have grown older I pay far more attention to the quality of my limited fishing experiences than I do the quantity; be that the size of the fish, the friends I fish with or my equipment. The quality of the craftsmanship of my Backcast Outfitters wallet fits right in. I am sure it will start to match the patina of some of my fishing partners in short order.”

– Bart (Vancouver, Washington)



“…very impressed with the high grade leather used and the quality construction of these unique accessories.  The Reel Bag may be my  favorite piece from the mix as I fish a lot of vintage fly reels that never came with a case or may have been long ago lost.  The only downside is that I usually take a couple fly reels with me which means I’ll be buying at least one more of these luxury reel bags.”

(Check this out – Cameron Mortenson publishes The Fiberglass Manifesto.)

– Cameron (Gilbert, South Carolina)



 “There are some things when you hold them in your hand you just know that they’re special; products made with care, skill and old school craftsmanship; quality products made by artisans. You don’t find it as often in today’s market, but the artisans are out there if you look. I’ve looked and I found one in Eric F. Rice. He makes old school, American quality that will last long enough to pass on to your children.

The leader wallet I purchased looks and works great now. Being hand made from leather I can tell it will just get better as it ages. I wish Eric made bamboo rods!” – Ken (Los Angeles, California)

Ken Baldwin (on the right) hosts and stars in the hit fishing TV show, Season On The Edge.



“I started a fly fishing guide service this summer and wanted a business card wallet that reflected the ruggedness and quality of the service I intended to give. The ‘Easy Wallet’ fit that need.

I was at the Trout Unlimited Annual Meeting and when asked for a card, I got numerous compliments on the look and design of the wallet. All my luggage is made from belting leather and I have long understood that it’s a great material that wears great and more importantly shows the character of the miles and smiles of travel. I will definitely buy more of your products and I am a regular visitor to your web site. I hope you add some more non fishing items to the line.”

– John (Bristol, Rhode Island)


“I bought the Backcast Outfitters Fly Dryer/Leader Straightener, Floatant Holder and Reel Bag a while back and really love these products.  I love them so much that I got your Leader Wallet.

This wallet is so freak’n nice!  My wife wants to use it for her receipts, but I told her to go buy her own.

Keep making great stuff, Eric!”

Stephen (Richland, Washington)

“This was my first order from Backcast Outfitters and I was tremendously impressed with the quality. As a connoisseur of fine leather products and an avid angler, I was thrilled to learn about your company. The workmanship, leather, and detail are all impeccable.

Additionally, it delighted me to know that I’m supporting a small company that is committed to quality (hand-written thank you note, little fly stuck in the fly dryer, prompt delivery). I started off with the fly dryer/leader straightener (one for myself and one for a friend who was coming to Yellowstone National Park to fish), but I’ll most certainly upgrade to other products. (I have my eye on the reel case and/or the reel bag).

Lastly, I LOVE companies that offer no-nonsense warranties such as yours. It shows that they’re confident in their products and committed to delivering a quality experience for their customers.”

– Dylan (Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)



“I really don’t know of a way that my Backcast Outfitters order could not have been easier.  The delivery was actually amazingly fast. I love my Backcast Outfitters Trico Wallet. It’s wonderful on the water and looks even greater in person than on the website. It’s the perfect size for my wader pocket and now I only have to take my ID, debit card, and fishing license out on the water instead of my big fat wallet. I really enjoy the stamp on it as well, it’s a nice touch. It’s perfect for any fishing and hunting trip!”

– Mitch (Portland, Oregon)



“I purchased my leather wallet from Backcast Outfitters. It was the compact, quick wallet that I had sought out for a long time. When I received the wallet in the mail (which only took a couple days) I was more than pleased with the size and quality of it. It was exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate Backcast Outfitters and plan on continuing to purchase their high quality leather products that are a really great price for all you get in their items.

Thanks for everything Backcast Outfitters!” 

– Michael (Sandy, Utah)

“I love the reel bag! Excellent construction details and quality of materials. I’ve shown it to a few friends and their comments have been the same – ‘Damn, that’s a beautiful reel bag! I want one!’”

 – David (Marietta, Georgia)



“One of the great things about quality products is how versatile they are. The Easy Wallet is not just for fly fishing. I use it all the time, especially when I’m out for a ride. It’s well made and I don’t have to worry about losing my license or my cash.”

 – Steve (Delaware, Ohio)


Got my package from Backcast Outfitters.


“Got my Fly Dryer / Leader Straightener and Floatant Holder from Backcast Outfitters.  Much better than I ever expected!” 

– Vaaliley (Taipei City, Taiwan)


Oh Boy! an early Christmas morning. All three of these, the reel bag with sheep wool lining, the fly treatment holder and fly dryer/line straightener are perfect. Do I love my wife? You bet.  

“Oh Boy! an early Christmas morning. All three of these, the reel bag with sheep wool lining, the fly treatment holder and fly dryer/line straightener are perfect. Do I love my wife? You bet.”

– Stephen (Richland, Washington)


“This photo is the “unboxing” of the trapper slim wallet. The leather was faithfully guarded by two wads of stiff brown tissue and the wallet was held inside a paper sleeve with a “prepare to be delighted” sticker. Prepared, I was–delighted as well.

Cheers to the Backcast crew!

Now I need to figure out if I want to carry this piece of history on a daily basis or preserve it for MOMA. ;)” 

– Doug (Royal Oak, Michigan)



 I got the very first wallet made by Backcast Outfitters and I love it!  It’s signed by the founder, Eric Rice and numbered.  It holds my fishing license, steelhead tag, hunting license, along with my driver’s license and a few other cards.  It’s awesome as a super slim, minimalist wallet.  The stitching and leather is the best I’ve ever seen.  Thanks, Eric for putting out such great stuff!

– Shaun (Battle Ground, WA)

Just for fun!

My personal best steelhead

My fun loving wife, Deanna with a really nice rainbow…

Coldwater Lake, WA USA Rainbow Trout Catch & Release…