“Until the Cows Come Home” Lifetime Warranty

If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase—Google it. You’ll like it.

Backcast Outfitters takes pride in our overly masterminded designs. We also use the finest leathers, thread and hardware that money can buy. Known as the “Until the Cows Come Home” warranty, our leather products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for your entire lifetime.

OK. Here’s what we mean. If you should ever have an issue with the materials or workmanship of your product, send it back to Backcast Outfitters and I’ll repair or replace it for free, or we’ll give you a credit on the Backcast Outfitters website. Though the products are made to last at least a lifetime or two, the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as:

  • Using your Backcast reel bag or reel case to bait or attract sharks

  • Using your Backcast rod tube to jack up your jeep

  • Using your Backcast leader straightener to start a campfire

  • Using your Backcast floatant holder to handle a small bottle of super glue

  • Using your Backcast wallets in the commission of a federal crime

  • Using your Backcast lanyard to lasso a radioactive, feral pig